Friday, 22 August 2014

日本大好き - Juicy Japanese style Hamburger Steak

 I remember I promise to bring back some inspiration I got while I was traveling in Japan and now I am trying my best to show you what I’ve learn so far. One of the funniest thing in Japan is that their restaurant usually only sell one type of cuisine or dish, such as my favourite ramen place, they literally only sell one single flavour and they have shop all over Japan. I found this is quite amazing to be honest, as long as you make the best food of the kind you can totally survive by just selling one thing.

Today I am going to make one of the most popular household dish in Japan which most kids love it and so do I (I assume it correct because that what happen in those drama and cartoon that I watched.) – Hamburger Steak. The reason why I quote it as “Japanese” and not American or whatever is because in Japan hamburger steak usually serves with rice or pasta (which I love it so much with rice.) As I mention before, there are so many restaurant serves this dish and recently I went to one when I was meeting up with my friend.
This time I use turkey mince to make the hamburger dish but you can also use other meat mince like chicken, pork, beef, lamb or even tofu to make some vegetarian hamburger. You may also add some vegetable inside like carrot, corn, tomato, basil, mint or any other vegetable of your choice.

Hope you like this recipe and I will also using this and the salad I made to do my first ever bento box too.

Ingredients (Make approximately mini 16 hamburger steak)

500g Turkey Mince (or any other meat mince)
5g salt
1 onion, chopped
50g bread crumble
80ml Milk
1 egg
30ml yakisoba sauce or tomato sauce (any sauce that you like to go with your hamburger)
1) Pan fired the onion on low medium heat until it become tender. Set aside to cool down for later use.
2) In a mixing bowl, put together the meat mince, salt and pepper.

3) Use your hand to mix it until it become sticky to the hands. 
4) Meanwhile, combine the milk and bread crumble together. Let it set for a minute until all the milk is soaked in the bread crumble. (This is the secret ingredient that make the hamburger steak so juicy.)

5) Add the onion, bread crumble and egg into the meat mince. (I add a little bit more milk in because I like my hamburger steak a bit juicer.)
6) Mix until all the ingredients well combined. 
7) Get your hand wet with some water and use a tablespoon or ice cream scoop to scoop a full spoon of mince and form a ball shape.

8) Do catch ball (like you playing baseball) for the hamburger steak to minimise the air inside the mince while mixing, this will prevent the steak from cracking while pan fried it.

9) Gently press it into a round hamburger shape and slightly push the middle part a little thinner as it will raises when it cooks. 
10) Heat up the pan with some oil and pan fried the hamburger steak in low medium heat. 
11) When the hamburger is almost down, put the sauce in as desire and generously coat the steak. Top it with Mayo for extra flavor. 

12) You may freeze the remaining hamburger steak for up to a month. Bring it back to room temperature before cook.

Bon Appetite.