Friday, 22 August 2014

Japan Trip Day 2 Kyoto, Toji and Arashiyama 嵐山

On the 2nd day of the trip, we went to Kyoto - my favorite city in Japan. If you ask me where should you go I would definitely recommended Kyoto to be your first choice. 

We bought a Bento box at the JR Osaka station for breakfast. In Japan, it is very common to eat Bento Box on long train ride and you can find all different type of bento box in station. There are also some special Bento box only available at certain area.

Firstly we need to drop off our luggage at the VIP Lounge where we will take the overnight bus from Kyoto to Tokyo tonight. 

VIP Liner - VIP Lounge Kyoto
Price:from 4000yen ~

It was a coincidence that I found out about this market held at Toji on 21st of every month. It was quiet interesting to explore the local market where you can see lot of stall selling some homemade products and many fresh vegetable and fruit that you can't find any where. 
I love those stall food but since it was so hot when i visited the market, all I have is shaved ice and my favourite Warabi Mochi which I had once try to replicate it in one of my previous blog post: but the authentic version is so deliciously, a perfect summer snack. 
After the market, we went to Arashiyama 
It almost 2pm and we just able to sit down and have lunch. Arashiyama is famous for the tofu dish, therefore my lunch choice will definitely be tofu course. We order 2 different type of dish, one has fresh made "Tofu Skin" - 湯葉 which is the skin form on boiling Tofu and the other one is cold udon with a lot of different style and flavour tofu dish. My favorite is the one has sesame flavor. 

After Lunch, we went back to Kyoto Shopping District "Shijo" and went crazy in Zara. It is like a spell cast on us, we just have to buy zara no matter where we go.
After Crazy shopping in Kyoto, we quickly went back to Kyot station and had a quick dinner before we get on the overnight bus to Tokyo. We had some juicy tender Tonkatsu for dinner. 

This miso soup was so delicious, it has lot of vegetable and pork inside.
Because Kyoto is in the middle of summer, it is too uncomfortable to sleep on bus with all our sweat. So we decide to try the public bath in Japan. It was pretty amazing inside just like those cartoon i've watched when I was a kid. 

Bon Voyager.