Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Japan Trip Day 1 Osaka, Namba 難波

In less than a year, I'm back to Japan for the 5th times woohoo. This was a very random trip just because the flight ticket was too cheap to be true, luckily i found 3 other friends who are interested in going together. So there our trip to Japan Begin.

This is my first time go with Air Asia and it was better than i expected. Food was nice (I love their lasi lemak and chicken satay, probably one of the best in flight meal I ever had.) and crew in general is nice too. 
So after almost a day spend on flight, we finally get to Kansai Airport. We quickly get our rental sim card and Kansai Thur Pass for the Trip then immediately head to our first destination - Rinku Town Outlet. Already spend a lot first day in Japan.

Rinku Town Outlet
Brand : Le Creuset, Coach, Beams, Nike, Gap, Ralph Lauren etc.

After all the retail therapy, we finally check in to our hostel for tonight which is really close to the main shinsaibashi shopping arcade and easy access to lots of shop and restaurant. For the price of only 3000yen per person, I guess it pretty worth the money. 

It already pass the normal time for dinner but our first food in Japan is one of their famous Half Melted Cheesecake from Pablo. 
I really like the pastry but the cheesecake seem a bit not cheesy enough but still it will be nice to try these Japanese Style Cheesecake for only around 800yen. 
It almost 11pm by the time we had our DINNER and here you go my all time favourite Ichiran Ramen which I had it EVERY SINGLE TIME when I came to Japan. It was that delicious when you know there are always a line outside the shop. (They open 24 hours so you know where to go when you want some late night supper.) 

Ichiran Ramen 

【Address】7-18 1F Souemoncho Chuo-ku Osaka-shi Osaka-fu
【Capacity】43 counter-seats
【Access】4 minute walk from Nanba Subway
Station (Exit 14)
5 minute walk from Nihonbashi Subway Station (Exit 2)
【Business hours】24 hours