Monday, 16 June 2014

World Cup Special - Soccer Banana Cake Roll

 2014 June is the long waiting FIFA World Cup Month, my Facebook is full of comment about soccer about who the cheering for. I won’t say I’m a soccer expert but I do enjoy watching World Cup a lot, however this year it was held at Brazil, it's ashamed that I could not afford to wake up at 2 am in the morning to watch it. But I still have some of the world cup fever and would like to support my favourite team with my own style by creating this lovely Soccer Banana Cake roll. 
  Since I recently bought some book from oversea which give me lot of inspiration on cake roll and I’m getting obsess with making these cute cake roll. It might look like too much hassle to draw on cake but it is really fun to do it, so far I only do some simple pattern but I’m keen on trying to do some more cute drawing on my cake roll. Even though you are a bad drawer, you can always use stencil like me and it very easier to erase any mistake.
Hope you like my recipe and please feel free to comment or if there any suggest I’m happy to do recipe on request.


Cake Roll
Mixture A                                                           
4 egg yolk    
30g sugar                                                           
40ml Vegetable Oil                            
60ml Water
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence                                     
60g plain flour
20g Corn flour (If no corn flour at home and use all plain flour instead)

Mixture B
50g of Mixture A
1 eggwhite
1 teaspoon sugar
Black Gel colouring

Mixture C
3 eggwhite
30g sugar

150ml Thicken Cream
1 tablespoon icing sugar
2 bananas, ripe (or any fruit of your choice)
1) Put baking paper on the 25cmx 25cm tray. (You can also use rectangle shape but the bigger the tray the thinner the cake.)

2) Turn on the oven to 170 Degree C.

3) Separate all the 3 egg yolk, 3 egg white and 1 egg white into separate bowl. (Make sure bowl is clean, no water, no oil.)

4) Mixture A: Put in 30g sugar and beat with egg yolk until it become a pale yellow colour.
5) Pour in the vegetable oil and mix well together.

6) Pour in water and mix well together. (The secret ingredient ‘WATER’ which prevent the cake evaporate too much water while baking, so it become soft and have a bit more elastic. It will not easy to crack while you roll the cake.)

7) Sift the plain flour and corn flour together. Keep stirring mixture A and sift the flour in.

Once all the flour is mixed in, keep mix for another 1-2 minutes so make the cake become more elastic and easier to roll later on.
8) Mixture B: Beat 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon of sugar until it form a soft peak, put black food colouring in and mix until you reach the colour you want, in this case I use black gel colouring and add about 3-4 drop to make the jet black colour.
9) Combined 50g of Mixture A with egg white.
10) Put 9) into piping bag, and use the soccer stencil to draw on the baking paper.

11) Put in oven for 1-2 minute until the surface appears dry. 
12) Mixture C: MixBeat 3 egg whites until it foamy and mix in sugar. Keep beat in high speed until it forms a firm peak.

13) Mix in 1/3 of eggwhite in with mixture A until just combine and continue with the rest of egg white until the mixture is combined.
14) Pour on top of the baking paper and smooth out the surface evenly.

15) Bake in oven for 14 minutes or until skewer come out clean. 
16) Once finish baking, place a baking paper on top of the cake and turn over to rack to cool down.
17) While still the cake still warm, carefully peel off the baking paper and use a new baking paper to cover it again to prevent cake dry out. (Note: cut the baking paper slightly longer.)

18) Beat the cream until firm and slice the banana into suitable size. 
19) Once the cake completely cool down, use the back of the knife to lightly press a line on the cake which make it easier to roll later.
20) Spread out the cream evenly and place the banana in the middle.
21)Carefully roll the cake and gently press together.

22) Put in fridge for at least 2 hours before serve.

23) While Cutting cake roll, dip the knife under hot water for 10 second before cutting.

Bon Appetite.