Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fresh Homemade Pasta

 I had a pasta machine at home quite a while ago which my dad usually uses it to making dumpling pastry. This is probably the first time we use it for pasta purpose, as I never thought of making my own while it so cheap and easy to get from super market. But now I don’t think I would like the one from supermarket anymore, homemade fresh pasta taste a million time better than those from store. I’m not joking at all, the texture is more firm and tender texture and also more chewy as well. To be honest, it is the first time I ever made pasta from scratch, it might seem a bit too much work on it but it is totally worth it. 
Obviously I won’t be able to make fresh pasta every time I cook a pasta dish so I would recommended to make a little bit more when you have a chance and freeze it for next time. It no wonder most Italian family make their own pasta and pizza, it taste so much better and it just like those fancy Italian restaurant dish.

I was so tempted to buy a pasta roller attachment for my stand mixer but then realise it a bit too expensive, guess I will stick with the pasta machine I have for now. I cannot wait to make my next fresh pasta and try different variety and flavour, might make a bake Lasagne over the weekend which mum is craving it so badly.

Hope you enjoy making pasta as much as I do, and it my first time ever making it, so you can tell it is so easy to make, the only thing you need to worry is growing muscle while rolling the dough for the first few time. And my apology that I couldn’t able to capture any photo whiles I rolling the pasta.


300g “00” Fine Italian Flour
3 large egg (about 58g each)
Pinch of salt
Extra Flour for dusting

1) Sift the flour and salt together on clean working table.
2) Shape the flour into a round bowl shape.
3) Crack the egg into the flour bowl and whisk with fork.

4) Slowly add in the flour and keep whisking until all flour combine with the eggs.
5) The mixture will be a bit flaky, knead it until it become dough, it should not be sticky to the hand. Otherwise add a little bit more flour in.

6) Roughly roll the dough into 1 cm thick, and set the machine to the widest setting (Mine is number 9), roll the pasta dough into it. Repeat this step until the dough become smoother and more elastic. You might need to sprinkle some flour in between to avoid dough sticking together.

7) Gradually reduce the scale of the pasta machine (e.g. Down from #9 to #7). Once your dough it getting longer, cut it down into 8 dough and keep roll though the pasta machine until you reach your ideal thickness (I roll mine until it reach #0 which is the thinnest, depend what kind of pasta you making.)
8) Once the dough is ready, sprinkle more flour and roll through the pasta cutter.

P.S. Fresh pasta normally take less time to cook, I cook mine for about 4-5 minutes.

 Bon Appetite.