Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Light n Refresh - Kiwi & Lime Sorbet

Few days ago, I was flipping through a bunch of paper and book and try to organise it a little. Then I saw one of the recipe magazines I got from supermarket about Christmas dish and saw a recipe of making sorbet, surprisingly it was pretty easy, no need fancy Ice cream maker or stir every 2-3 hours. So I decide to give it a go and use the kiwi that we’ve got few days ago and now is little ripe which is perfect for sorbet.

I love to make my own sorbet because that way I can control how sweet it going to be and choose my own flavour of fresh fruit. It also makes a great dessert for those have dairy allergy but still wish to have freeze dessert but yet cannot have ice cream. Sorbet does taste a bit creamy due to the whipped egg white. It is a lovely dessert or in between meal refreshment to have and also fun to make, scraping the ice is quite fun. And last it hassle free and time saving for people like me who do not own an ice cream maker at home and do not want to keep going back to the fridge and stir the ice cream every 2 hours.

In this recipe, I add gelatine into the sorbet so it will easier to make the sorbet fluffy after we freeze it. Hope you enjoy homemade sorbet and feel free to change to another other fruit like berry or lemon.


3 Kiwi Fruit, approximately 250g, a little bit ripe but definitely don't smell like alcohol
1 Lime, juiced
1 Gelatine Sheet
100g Sugar
100ml +300ml Water
1 egg white
15g sugar
1) Soak gelatine sheet in water for 1 minute until soften.

2) Blend kiwi fruit and lime juice together.
3) Combine 100ml water with sugar and heat on stove until all sugar dissolve. (No need to bring it to boil)

4) Put the soaked gelatine sheet into the sugar syrup and mix until it all combined.

5) Pour in the remaining water with the gelatine sugar water to cool down the sugar syrup to room temperature.
6) Combine the juice with water.

7) Transfer into shallow container and freeze it for 2-3 hours or overnight.
8) Use a fork to break the ice, the gelatine will make the ice flake look white which is easier to wrap the air in.

9) Put it back into freezer to prevent it from melting.
10) Start beating egg white with sugar until it form a stiff peak.

11) Combine the egg white with the kiwi ice.

12) Gently fold in the egg white and it will become smooth.
13) Put it back into freezer to harden the sorbet.

Bon Appetite.