Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easy & no Fail - Artisan No Knead Bread

If you ask me if bread is hard to make, I would definitely say yes. As for majority of bread will need lot of kneading time and raising time, it just seem so much effort to make you own bread at home while you can get it easily from supermarket. However, this is not always the case, there are one type of bread that not require to knead until you have really strong bicep muscle nor no need to set a timer to check whether it raise double in size. Today I am going to show you how to make this incredibly easy to make Artisan No Knead Bread.
It is so easy that I believe even a 5 years kid can make it, and the best part is that it still taste delicious but without all the sweats from kneading. Since I’m having my exam in a week time, I really don’t have time to spend too much time in baking as usual but still want to make something (It become my way of release my stress level.), so making a no knead bread basically fulfil my wish as you don’t need to spend too much time in making it. And more importantly, I just cannot wait until exam finish to try my new beloved Kenwood KMix Stand Mixer I bought before Easter.

There are some of my tips while making this bread:

Warm Water

It’s very important to use warm water, I use water around 40-45C degree, as too high it will kill the yeast and if it too low the dough cannot raising properly. I usually use a finger test, just put in your index finger if it what you feel the maximum you can hold it usually the right temperature.

Leave in fridge Overnight or two nights

I tried both and the result I found is that the dough seem softer while I leave it a bit longer in the fridge, and it really depend which texture you prefer for your bread. 1 nights bread will be denser and chewy and 2 nights bread will tend to be softer and less chewy.

Steam Bake

Use your roasting tray or any baking tray you have at home. Fill it with hot water, the more steam the bread will form a more crunchy skin.
Hope you enjoy this recipe which had become my most recent favourite which I made twice this week already (I feel sorry for my bread maker now.). It is great for serving as appetiser, make bruschetta or even just eat it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 


350g Bread Flour
1 ½ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon dry active yeast
350ml Warm Water
1) Combine flour salt and dry yeast into a bowl.

2) Prepare warm water, you don’t have to have a thermometer, just use your hand to feel that it is warm to touch. It will be approximately 40Celsius Degree. DO NOT USE water that more than 59 Celsius Degree, it will kill the yeast.
3) If you are using a stand mixer to mix, start on low speed and slowing add in the warm water. Or on the other hand, just use a spatula to mix it.

4) Mix for about 1 minute or until it form sticky dough and no more dry flour can be seen. 
5) Leave it at room Temperature for an hour then put it in the fridge for overnight, you may leave in the fridge for 2 days because the low temperature in the fridge will slow down the fermentation of the dough.

6) After overnight, the dough should double in size and form lot of bubble inside.
7) Transfer into a flour surface, gently fold the corner of the dough into the middle and form round smooth dough.

8) Line your tray with baking paper and transfer the dough.
9) Let the dough raise in the oven (off mode) for an hours, it will raise a little bit more.

10) 10 minutes before the dough finish rising, take it out from oven and preheat the oven to 220C degree and place a bowl of hot water in the bottom.

11) Use a sharp knife to slice the top part.
12) Bake for 25 minutes and transfer to wire to cool down.
Bon Appetite.