Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mon Petit Déjeuner - Healthy Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Yesterday my company had harmony day party, which we all need to bring a dish to work to represent our culture. It was a massive party since we had so many people come from so many different background, it just like an international buffet at work.  That one thing I love Australia is the integration and diversity of the cultural. So I had an epic lunch at work, I can barely concentrate at work after lunch. Later at night we went farewell dinner at Japanese Karaoke for one of my colleague, and we went straight to Korean restaurant for some Soju (Korean Alcohol Drink) and some late night supper.
So I had a really bad diet last night and I decide to eat light and easy on Saturday. Every time I feel like I’ve been having bad diet like last night, I will clean my stomach with some healthy fruity smoothie. My recent favorite smoothie combination is Raspberry and Banana.
I love smoothie so much, it is really healthy and also full of fresh fruit.  Banana is one of my favorite ingredient for smoothie, it almost the essential element of a good smoothie. It has really rich nutrition like antioxidant (great for women), vitamin B6, low GI and makes you feel energetic and sustained for the whole day. And Raspberry is one of my recent favorite, it contain up to 20% fiber and is great source of vitamin C. The slightly acidic flavor blend with the creamy rich banana, it was just delicious.  In this recipe I use frozen raspberry because it want it to be chill but do not want to add ice in the smoothie.
One last thing that I have to mention is my beloved Bamix stick blender which only take 5 second to make smoothie and easy to clean. Unlike traditional blender that you need certain amount of liquid for it to able to start blending the juice. Stick blender has some advantage of easy control of quantity, also the quality is better because less time is need to blend the fruit which mean less damage to the nutrition from the fruit.
Hope you enjoy this delicious healthy smoothie like I do and stop paying so much to buy smoothie outside, sure you can make it at home easily. (Seriously I do not understand why smoothies cost so much outside.)
Healthy Raspberry Banana Smoothie


½ cup Frozen raspberry
½ banana
2 tablespoon Greek yoghurt
80 ml Milk
1)    Put all ingredients into a cup. (If you don’t have stick blender, normal blender will do too but might need to double the quantity.
2)    Use stick blender (or traditional Blender) blend for 10-20 second until all ingredient is well blended. 

Bon Appetite.