Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cake, Bake and Sweet Show 2014

It had been really busy at work this week and the weather wasn’t helping to make my mood any better. I’ve been slacking on this post which is about the Cake Bake Sweet Show I went last Sunday. There are almost a dozen people asking me whether I’m going to the show or not. To be honest I didn’t really make up my mind at the time but still end up going to the show and it was the best decision I made ever.

There are many Celebrity Pastry Chefs such as Adriano Zumbo, Eric Lanlard, Duff Goldman and several previous contestants from TV show and did demonstration on some of their signature dish. Only if I can make up my mind a bit earlier, I would have go 2 days in a row. I literally sit for 5 demonstration class on the day, didn’t even have lunch at all (probably eat too much sample cake and demonstration cake on the day.)

One of the major sponsors of the event is Kitchen Aid, one of my dream kitchen appliances. I was hoping that there will be some discount at the show but quite disappointed, but at least I am in a draw to win a kitchen aid (finger cross).
It is a huge venue; I saw many stalls around some sell baking equipment, ingredient, and cake business like tailor made cake pop (It kind of scary if I ate a cake pop with my own face on it.) Some store was also doing demonstration, I saw one of them was demonstrating how to use fondant to make hot air balloon.
So I spend some time walk around while waiting for the first show. It is 2 girls from USA Texas who made appearance at the TV show Cupcake War before. They are specialised in alcohol infused Cupcake and was selling cake at the Bar in Las Vegas. In this demonstration, they were making Breakfast shot cake pop, which whisky is infused cake pop, coat with chocolate with bacon crumble. I was lucky enough to have a taste of it, it was really yummy. The cake is very moist with I can really taste some whisky inside.
Then I went to the All Star Theatre, on my way I saw Adriano Zumbo standing in front of his store and taking photo, and of course I did get a photo with them. At the Theatre, the A list French Patisser Eric Larland was demonstrating one of his signature yummy fatty cake, salted caramel butter chocolate cake. Duff Goldman was demonstrating nitrogen ice cream, Kristin Tinkerbell was showing how to decorate éclair (so cute, the mushroom look like the one from Mario bros) and the guy from MKR made cronut (croissant X donut) which I never try it before and finally get a bite of it, so fatty but yet it was yummy).
In between the shoe time, we walk around and there is cake competition. The novelty cake is amazing which I don’t think I dare to eat them, too pretty to be eaten. And some of the sugar art, I think I can literally put it at home as decoration. 
Overall I would recommend coming to the show if they are going to do it again next year. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed is there not much freebie and tasting around but still I learnt a lot from all the Pastry Chef. I would like to try to make the Salted caramel butter chocolate cake and the whisky cake pop later, not the Cronut as I still haven’t try to make my own puff pastry yet.