Wednesday, 5 February 2014

CNY Special – CNY Smiling Cookie - 笑口棗 (Recipe)

It almost toward the end of the Chinese New Year celebration and I finally have time to make these CNY Smiling Cookie (笑口棗). I start making it from last year and surprisingly all my family and friend LOVE IT. I know they do sell at some Asian grocery during the CNY, but it wasn’t always good. So from last year onward, I google it and decide to make it myself. And it actually not hard to make at all and you just can’t do CNY without these loving smiling cookie. And Wish everyone a belated Happy Chinese New Year and smile just like these delicious cookies. (You know you can’t stop once you start eating it.)


250g Flour (I use plain flour in this recipe)
2 Teaspoon baking powder
60g sugar
1 tablespoon Melted Butter
1 eggwhite
2 tablespoon Water
100g white sesame (it can easily get from any Asian grocery)

1)      Put flour, baking powder, sugar in a bowl and mix well together.

2)      Make a hole in the middle of the dry ingredient and put in egg white, butter and water in. Mix it until it form dough. You may add little bit of extra water if the dough is too dry.

3)      Place the dough on table and knead for 10 minute or until smooth.

4)      Put it back in the bowl and let it rest for 30 minutes. 

5)      Roll the dough in a rope shape, about 2cm diameter. 

6)      Cut it into even cube, and roll into a ball shape. 

7)      Spray water on the ball dough and roll on sesame. Gently press the sesame onto the dough so it won’t easily fall off when you fried it.

8)      Deep fried it at low-medium heat until the cookies turn into golden colour and start smiling to you.

Bon Appetite