Saturday, 1 February 2014

Brunch idea - French toast with caramelised banana & Greek yoghurt

Thank god it Saturday which mean no work no worry. But today I have to wake up early to walk my dog Baileys and decide to be a healthy wannabe - run and swim. 

After all those exercise I'm pretty much exhausted and decide to pamper myself for a nice brunch. No need to just had toast, banana and yoghurt for breakfast but I did a little twist to it, so it look more gourmet like those hipster cafe in Surry Hills. 

It is one of my favourite recipe for weekend brunch that I normally make for my family. Basically French toast can go with any fruit you like, my choice would normally be green apple & banana. You can never go wrong with these fruit. 

Today I made it with caramelised banana because I've been craving for banana spring roll so badly which my family and friend think I'm crazy but it was really delicious (trust me!!!).

French toast with Caramalised banana & Greek yoghurt

Time: 30minutes

1 slice of toast bread or 4-5 slice French baguette 
( I was using my own bread which I made with bread maker, but any toast will do)
1 egg
80ml milk
1-2 tablespoon sugar ( I didn't put in this recipe but if you are sweet tooth put it)
1 banana sliced
1 teaspoon olive oil

It really easy to make as you don't need to go out buy special ingredient, I'm sure most household will have then. So let get start!

1) cut your toast or baguette into a cude dice size.
2) light beat the egg and mix it with milk and sugar.
3) soak the bread cube into the egg mixture and make sure all surface is coated with the mixture. 
4) pre-heat your pan and once it's hot out a little bit olive oil.
5) put in the bread cube and reduce to medium - high heat. 
6) turn the bread cube once one side is cooked.
7) put in sliced banana.
8) sprinkle some sugar on top of the banana so it can have the nice Caramalised color on top. ( I cheated here and use a torch :p)
9) voilà! Put in your favorite plate and put a scoop of yoghurt or ice cream as you liked.

Bon appetite.